1. All care is taken when carrying out services but no responsibility is taken for models damaged in transit.

2. Customers are to pay for return postage costs.

3. There are two methods of shipment: Postage and Organised Pick Up.

3. A flat Handling rate of $10 (AUD) will be applied to the total costs of the item if postage is the selected method of shipment.

4. Return postage rates will change depending on location and weight of the item.

5. Items will only be returned once payment is received.

6. The 'Painting' service price depends on the size and complexity of the item and is negotiable. However, CC Weathering Services hold the right to the final price.

7. Prices are based on 'HO/OO' Gauge models. 'N' Gauge models are priced 10% cheaper whereas 'O' and larger Gauge models prices are increased by 75% over 'HO/OO' Gauge models.

8. Prices for 'Coal Service' are for Locomotive Tenders and Bunkers and 4 wheel wagons. The price will be doubled for Larger Hoppers.


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