My name is Connor and I have been a railway modeller for the last 10 years and have expertise in the areas of weathering and general knowledge on steam locomotives of British and Australian origin. 


I strive to create a look that adds realism to a model railway. The service I am looking to provide to modellers is relatively common but one that a few do not want to undertake themselves due to time constraints or other circumstances. The weathering of locomotives and rolling stock adds a great deal of realism as in the real world even the most modern cleaning equipment does not keep trains clean constantly.


I am currently employed casual and am studying a University degree so bear with me if timing of services takes a while but I will try and accommodate time to models at every opportunity. 

CC Weathering Services operates by customers posting/loaning models to me, I apply the requested service and post back to the customer. *Postage costs will vary depending on location and weight. See more under 'Terms and Conditions'


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